Module 2 - Getting Started

1. Core Knowledges

  1. Amazon EC2

  2. Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

  3. Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

  4. Amazon S3

  5. Amazon Glacier

  6. Amazon VPC

  7. Security Group

2. Quiz

Q1 - Which of the following AWS features enables a user to launch a pre-configured Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance?

A. Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)

B. Amazon Machine Image

C. Amazon EC2 Systems Manager

D. Amazon AppStream 2.0

Q2 - Which AWS service can be used to manually launch instances based on resource requirements?

A. Amazon EBS

B. Amazon S3

C. Amazon EC2

D. Amazon ECS

Q3 - Which AWS service can serve a static website?

A. Amazon S3

B. Amazon Route 53

C. Amazon QuickSight

D. AWS X-Ray

Q4 - A solution that is able to support growth in users, traffic, or data size with no drop in performance aligns with which cloud architecture principle?

A. Think parallel

B. Implement elasticity

C. Decouple your components

D. Design for failure

Q5 - Which type of AWS storage is ephemeral and is deleted when an instance is stopped or terminated?

A. Amazon EBS

B. Amazon EC2 instance store

C. Amazon EFS

D. Amazon S3

Q6 - Which of the following are characteristics of Amazon S3? (Select TWO.)

A. A global file system

B. An object store

C. A local file store

D. A network file system

E. A durable storage system

Q7 - A Cloud Practitioner needs to store data for 7 years to meet regulatory requirements. Which AWS service will meet this requirement at the LOWEST cost?

A. Amazon S3

B. AWS Snowball

C. Amazon Redshift

D. Amazon S3 Glacier

3. Read More

  1. Amazon EC2*

  2. Amazon EC2 Dedicated Host

  3. Amazon EBS*

  4. Amazon S3*

  5. Amazon Glacier*

  6. Amazon S3 Storage Classes*

  7. Amazon VPC*

  8. Security Group

  9. AWS Snowmobile

  10. AWS Snowball

  11. What is AWS Marketplace

  12. AWS System Manager

  13. Amazon Appstream 2.0

  14. Amazon ECS

  15. AWS X-Ray

  16. Amazon Route 53

  17. Amazon QuickSight

  18. Amazon EFS

  19. Amazon Redshift

  20. AWS Snowcone

  21. AWS Snowmobile