Create AMI

🎯 In AWS, you can backup your EC2 instance into an image that called Amazon Machine Image (AMI). You also can launch the new EC2 instance from an Image.

1. Create EC2 Instance Image

Click on Action / Image / Create Image

Enter Image name and Image description


Waiting for completion


2. Launch EC2 Instance from AMI

Click on Launch instance / Launch instance

Choose AMI

Click on My AMIs

You will see the AMI that you created hcm-web-app-image

Click on Select

Choose an Instance Type

Change the storage

You have to choose the storage equal or larger than storage sizing on previous AMI (EC2 instance). In this example, previous EC2 instance has 8 GB EBS Storage, so you cannot choose the storage lower than 8 GB.

Add tags

Choose Security Group hcm-sg-web-app

Review Instance launch Click on Launch

Choose key pair



Change the EC2 instance name hcm-web-app-ami