Cross Region creation

🎯 In previous lab, EC2 instances are region-specific. In this lab, we will try to create an EC2 instance from an AMI in another region.

  • Source Region: ap-southeast-1
  • Destination Region: us-east-1

1. Copy AMI from Source Region to Destination Region

Click on AMIs under IMAGES

Choose the desired AMI. Then, Click on Actions / Copy AMI

Enter AMI Name and Destination Region

Click on Copy AMI


Waiting for Completion


2. Launch new EC2 Instance at Destination Region

EC2 Dashboard at us-east-1

Click on Launch instance

Choose an Instance type

Choose New subnet and new vpc

Add Storage

Add Tags

Add New Security Group us-sg-web-app

Review Instance Launch

Create New key pair us-cloudvnkey

Click on Download Key Pair before clicking on Launching Instances

Launch Status


3. EC2 Dashboards at us-east-1 and ap-southeast-1

EC2 Dashboard in us-east-1

EC2 Dashboard in ap-southeast-1