EC2 Instance Action

1. EC2 Instance Action Menu

Click on Action in the EC2 Dashboard

2. Stop EC2

Click on Action / Instance State / Stop


By Default, EC2 instance will lost public IP Address when stopped. Just remain Private IP Address.

3. Start EC2

Click on Action / Instance State / Start

Click on Yes, Start

Started EC2

New random public IP Address.

4. Create EC2 template

Click on Action / Create Template From Instance

Enter Launch template name and Template version description

Select Amazon machine image (AMI), Instance type, Key pair

Select Networking, Storage

Select Instance tags

Lauched templates

5. Launch EC2 Instance from a template

Select Launch instance / Launch instance from template

Choose cloudvn-web-app-template

Choose AMI and Instance type

Choose Key pair name and Network settings

Choose Storage and Instance tags

Click Launch instance from template

EC2 Dashboard

New EC2 Instance detail info